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We stand apart from the competition because we offer complete wealth management services. Securus is one-firm, where our clients are advised and have access to everything they need.

Specific Examples Include:

  • Insurance - You never know what life is going to throw at you, but one thing you do want to know is that you are covered in case of adversity. While saving and investing money is an important aspect of your finances, it is equally important to insure and protect these things, as well as manage the risks, which can threaten your financial well-being.
  • Tax Planning - comprehensive tax planning to reduce or eliminate taxes.
  • Financial Planning - Financial planning is the long-term process of wisely managing your finances so you can achieve your goals and dreams while at the same time negotiating the financial barriers that inevitably arise in every stage of life.
  • Estate Planning - Estate planning is not just about what happens after you die. A good estate plan will also protect you if you become incapacitated. It will let you—not the courts—keep control of your assets and financial and medical decisions when you can no longer handle your affairs.
  • Special Needs Planning - Securus provides individual consultations that will show you how easy it is to secure a future for your children and peace of mind for you.
  • Veteran Planning - With a little professional planning, many veterans and veteran's widows can receive pensions that make a significant difference in the rising costs involved with nursing homes or in home health care. It takes a little work to apply for this pension, but anything worth having usually does. Securus will help direct you to find the resolution most appropriate for your individual situation.
  • Medicare and Medicare Supplements - Anyone who is eligible for Medicare and is enrolled in Part A and Part B may consider supplement insurance. Even if you are in good health and believe that standard Medicare will provide the coverage you need, it may be a good idea to purchase supplemental insurance; if your health status changes, your ability to enroll for supplemental insurance could be compromised.

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