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Community Involvement

2019 Big Bang Charity Event


Because of our wonderful community and dedicated clients, we raised over $9,500 for the Cottleville Firefighter Outreach Program and the Folds of Honor.


2016 Big Bang Charity Event


2015 Charity Event


July 4, 2013

Community Outreach Program / Harvester Tornado Relief Fund

Securus teamed up with the Cottleville Fire Department, CFCO Community Outreach Program, and raised money for their Harvester Relief Fund for the tornado that hit the area. They had a 50/50 drawing auction items and a donation area all set up all money raised went to the CFCO Harvester Relief Fund. Chris Shreves hosted this event at his home for clients and friends complete with skydivers and firework's.


March 17, 2011

A 2nd-story parade view near the new Securus office on Highway N in Cottleville, Mo.

Cottleville St Patrick's Day Parade

Securus sponsored a tent: armed with masses of food and drink for the thousands of parade attendees for the 2012 Cottleville Saint Patrick's Day Parade. The majority of the Securus team was present and was necessary to make the tent a huge success! Leftover food and drinks were donated to the Cottleville Fire Department and to a local church's food pantry.


October 27, 2012

Cottleville Firefighters Community Outreach

CFCO is funded by community events and is 100% volunteer run and operated out of the CFPD’s Station #1 in Cottleville.

CFCO was created out of the Cottleville Fire Protection District to raise our community's educational and awareness levels of safety and health issues in hopes of preventing misfortune. However, when tragedy does occur, we will assist individuals and families that are victims of fire, other emergencies, or other severe crises by providing whatever is needed to minimize burden and to promote recovery.

Securus sponsored food for the Outreach Fundraiser.


Securus was recently recognized as one of the top sponsors of a Liberty Swing installed at a local park in Cottleville, MO.

The following are emails sent in by parents of children who have used and loved the swing.

Thank you many times over for coming down today, bringing the key and helping us figure out the the mysteries of setting up the new swing. Emily loved her playtime today -- she swung for nearly a half hour until we had to go home for supper. She laughed and smiled and "talked" the whole time and just really had a good time.

Emily has loved being in a swing since she was a tiny baby. For a couple of years, it was the only place she could calm down when she was overwhelmed. We finally stopped using the baby swing when her feet dragged the ground. We used a special needs swing until I could no longer lift her safely into it. She played on the wheelchair swing at her special needs preschool in Jefferson City, but since we moved to Cottleville three years ago, she has missed being able to swing. Thanks to all the hard work of the fire department and everyone else who contributed, Emily can swing again and she loves it. Having it so close to home (we live in Brittany Place) is the icing on the cake.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have no idea if you all know what this means to us, but thank you! Would you please share with the rest of the fire department? I want everyone to know how much this is so deeply appreciated.

Thank you! Paula Scott

Sunday evening my son Jake wanted to go back up to the swing. We got him set up and as we were doing this many of the little kids from the playground gathered around some inside the fence on the bench and others around the fence. They looked at him as not being odd but as how cool it was. Based on the HUGE smiles on the kids face and even bigger smile on my Jake's face it seemed like the little kids understood and almost were cheering and excited for Jake. It was really a touching moment one that really made Jake happy!!!

We spent an hour swinging. It was to the point Jake didn't want to get off. He felt so free and so over joyed with the experience! So if your goal as a committee was to bring JOY to the heart of kid (which obviously it was) then you overwhelmingly SUCCEEDED! The happiness on Jake's face for that hour was priceless and was because of all your incredible effort!

He asked me that night when going to bed, Why did these people do this for me and the other kids? My response was simple. I told him there are times in life when you run into really really special people who have the heart of gold and that he was surrounded by them that afternoon! His eyes with a little tear in it said please make sure you tell them THANK YOU!!! So from the bottom of my heart and Jake's heart, THANK YOU for ever!!! It really means more than you can probably imagine.

All the best!!! Jim Vollmer